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Hebrews 10:25

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Fruity Friends
John 15:12-17
May 26, 2021
What makes a friend? What do you do to make friends, not just acquaintances, but real friends? Most of us have friends, but very few have real friends. As some would say, not just those that would bail you out of jail, but those who would find themselves beside you. What are some characteristics of a friend? Jesus has some guidance for us.
Read John 15:12-17
Vs. 15 – We need to hear this as Jesus was intending it. He is not yelling, but He is stating a fact. There is a sense of authority in what He is about to say. When you hear the phrase, "This is my commandment" what comes to mind?
Is this a new commandment? How do you know?
The word love here is the verb agapaō, which means – "to have a strong, non-sexual affection and love for a person and their good as understood by God’s moral character; especially characterized by a willing forfeiture of rights or privileges in another person’s behalf." This was demonstrated by Jesus when He exchanged His life in heaven for a time on earth. What are some ways we can show love to one another?
Is this just to brothers and sisters?
What value is there in following the lead of someone else?
Vs. 13 – Love here is a noun. What is the difference between love being a noun verses a verb?
This is a picture of a martyr. We show our love for the Father by laying down our lives daily for our friends. What does it mean to lay down our lives?
Vs. 14 – Here Jesus is correlating His relationship with us as understood in our relationship with others. What other option does Jesus allude to in this verse?
If salvation is not based on anything we have to do, why does Jesus put a "do" requirement on those who want to be His friends?
Why does this sound like Jesus gives no plan b?
Vs. 15 – In this verse, Jesus uses language they would understand. Who are servants?
Why does Jesus make the distinction between friends and servants?
Why do people either only tell part of the story, or shade the stories they tell, or the information they pass on?
What is the importance of revealing to His friends everything the Father has told Him?
Vs. 16 – What is the benefit of knowing He chose us versus us choosing Him?
What does it mean to be appointed?
His friends, those He appointed, are expected to bear fruit. What is the fruit He is talking about?
The fruit is not just to hang on a tree and look good. what is the fruit supposed to do?
What does it mean to "abide" and why is that important?
Jesus is also not talking about just bearing fruit one time. This is to be a long term, regularly occurring lifestyle. How do we make sure we are continually bearing fruit?
Jesus telling us "whatever you ask the Father in my name" sounds like a wide-open statement. What is He really saying?
This verse is often taken out of context, or misquoted/misunderstood. How do we keep from making it about us (or is it)?
Vs. 17 – Jesus concludes this section with this verse. Once again, His desire as He states is that we love one another. How do the previous verses help us understand this?
How do we engage our friends so that we help them become our fruity friends?

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